Monday, July 27, 2009

Pi love in Chi-Town!

Hey girlies!! Jenny Lee here. So this post is a little past due, but I wanted to share with you all the AMAZING weekend I had with Erika (Schnaps) when she visited me in Chicago last week.

Since it was Erika's first time in Chi-town and my family lives pretty much in the heart of the downtown area, we went around doing all the fun, touristy things first timers do--taking a million diamond pics along the way, naturally. (*I don't really remember how many random passersby we asked to take our picture, but I do, however, distinctly remember the questionable
looks on their face when we flashed our diamond signs over and over again. Oh well!*)

So the weather wasn't the best (*we were stuck in heavy downpours multiple times*) but we still managed to visit Navy Pier, go to Millennium Park/Grant Park, see the Buckingham fountain, and of course shop on Michigan Avenue, at which time we saw the zoo where I work a.k.a the American Girl store. On Saturday, my sister and I had a joint birthday party, where we both brought all of our friends together, picnicked in Millennium park and listened to a really great concert. We met so many new people, went to so many *interesting* events and created so any new memories/inside jokes in such a short period of time! Last weekend was hands down the most fun I'd had all summer and I cannot fully describe to you how ecstatic I was to have my best friend and sister come to visit. I hope you have all had and will continue to have great summers! I'll see you in only a few weeks!! Ahhhh!!

lots and lots of pi love,


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