Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Janet Krupin in Footloose!

Greetings beloved ADPis!

This summer, I am keeping down the fort in Los Angeles! I am still walking backwards and giving tours as well as working at the front desk of Equinox gym on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. This gig is pretty sweet. Not only do I get a free gym membership to the Cadillac of all gyms, but all the celebs are members there!Seriously girls. Up close and personal celeb interaction on a daily basis. Some highlights >>>

Ashley Tisdale and I chatting about smoothies, and how her boyfriend likes the peach one. (The one I may or may not have seen on Perez that morning. Yup, kept that to myself!)Janice Dickenson calling me "sweet girl" and asking if I'd seen her cell phone. I had not.Bradley Cooper being just as swoon-worthy in person as he was in "The Hangover".Chris Noth (Mr. Big!) on a treadmill and smiling at me when I walked past because I fixed a problem on his account. (I heard, "Carrie, you're the one," play in my head. Aww!)And Matthew Perry, Fabio, and plenty of totally gorgeous athletes just to name a few!

But most of all and most exciting, I am "kicking off my Sunday shoes" in a professional production of the eighties musical "FOOTLOOSE"! I am playing Rusty and get to sing "Let's Hear It For The Boy" in the biggest venue I have performed as a lead in LA yet! This is really the next step up for me as an actress (and homegirl is getting paid!) The show runs weekends until August 29th and tickets are available at www.glendalecentretheatre.com! Fun Fact: Ren (the Kevin Bacon role) is being played by a guy who was Mark in the national tour and Broadway production of "RENT"! I saw him perform the summer after my freshman year of college and now we are co-stars (and more importantly, Facebook friends)! SO COOL!!
It always means so much to me knowing my friends support me in my endeavors. I would love to see my sisters in the audience. Plus, legwarmers and glitter eyeshadow? Who would wanna miss that?!

PI LOVE and bedazzled cowboy boots,

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