Monday, July 27, 2009

Pi love in Chi-Town!

Hey girlies!! Jenny Lee here. So this post is a little past due, but I wanted to share with you all the AMAZING weekend I had with Erika (Schnaps) when she visited me in Chicago last week.

Since it was Erika's first time in Chi-town and my family lives pretty much in the heart of the downtown area, we went around doing all the fun, touristy things first timers do--taking a million diamond pics along the way, naturally. (*I don't really remember how many random passersby we asked to take our picture, but I do, however, distinctly remember the questionable
looks on their face when we flashed our diamond signs over and over again. Oh well!*)

So the weather wasn't the best (*we were stuck in heavy downpours multiple times*) but we still managed to visit Navy Pier, go to Millennium Park/Grant Park, see the Buckingham fountain, and of course shop on Michigan Avenue, at which time we saw the zoo where I work a.k.a the American Girl store. On Saturday, my sister and I had a joint birthday party, where we both brought all of our friends together, picnicked in Millennium park and listened to a really great concert. We met so many new people, went to so many *interesting* events and created so any new memories/inside jokes in such a short period of time! Last weekend was hands down the most fun I'd had all summer and I cannot fully describe to you how ecstatic I was to have my best friend and sister come to visit. I hope you have all had and will continue to have great summers! I'll see you in only a few weeks!! Ahhhh!!

lots and lots of pi love,


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hi from Jenna!

Hey girly girls!

This summer I've been interning at KIRO-TV, the CBS affiliate in Seattle. There are a TON of SC alums or people with other SC connections. One in particular? I showed up to my first day at work in June and met one of the reporters/sometimes anchor, Chris Legeros, our own Anna's father. I had completely missed the connection there. Apparently when someone has the same last name and lives in the same city, chances are they're related!
Anyways, it's been really great and hands on. I've been able to go out on stories and shoot standups (where you speak standing in front of the camera) and interview a whole bunch of people which is awesome. Best of all, when you have a camera following you all sorts of random people think they recognize you. Everyone from bums to firefighters to reporters from rival stations have said they "remember" me from TV...which I'm not on....yet.
Love and miss you all and I can't wait to see everyone so soon!
Pi <3,

Janet Krupin in Footloose!

Greetings beloved ADPis!

This summer, I am keeping down the fort in Los Angeles! I am still walking backwards and giving tours as well as working at the front desk of Equinox gym on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. This gig is pretty sweet. Not only do I get a free gym membership to the Cadillac of all gyms, but all the celebs are members there!Seriously girls. Up close and personal celeb interaction on a daily basis. Some highlights >>>

Ashley Tisdale and I chatting about smoothies, and how her boyfriend likes the peach one. (The one I may or may not have seen on Perez that morning. Yup, kept that to myself!)Janice Dickenson calling me "sweet girl" and asking if I'd seen her cell phone. I had not.Bradley Cooper being just as swoon-worthy in person as he was in "The Hangover".Chris Noth (Mr. Big!) on a treadmill and smiling at me when I walked past because I fixed a problem on his account. (I heard, "Carrie, you're the one," play in my head. Aww!)And Matthew Perry, Fabio, and plenty of totally gorgeous athletes just to name a few!

But most of all and most exciting, I am "kicking off my Sunday shoes" in a professional production of the eighties musical "FOOTLOOSE"! I am playing Rusty and get to sing "Let's Hear It For The Boy" in the biggest venue I have performed as a lead in LA yet! This is really the next step up for me as an actress (and homegirl is getting paid!) The show runs weekends until August 29th and tickets are available at! Fun Fact: Ren (the Kevin Bacon role) is being played by a guy who was Mark in the national tour and Broadway production of "RENT"! I saw him perform the summer after my freshman year of college and now we are co-stars (and more importantly, Facebook friends)! SO COOL!!
It always means so much to me knowing my friends support me in my endeavors. I would love to see my sisters in the audience. Plus, legwarmers and glitter eyeshadow? Who would wanna miss that?!

PI LOVE and bedazzled cowboy boots,

Diamond Family Vacation!

Hey sisters!

It was difficult to find time in our busy summer schedules, but we found a couple of days to take a last minute Diamond Family trip up to Big Bear Lake. We went out on Becky's boat, worked on our tans (Kait worked on her sunburn :-)), and went tubing! We miss you all!

Pi love,
Becky, Kiri, and Kaitlyn

Doll Camp Kisses!!!

Hey Girls!

I just finished working at a girl's summer camp called Doll Camp! Some of you might have heard me talk about it before (possibly during recruitment...), but this is my THIRTEENTH year at this camp! Every year there are about four week-long camps for girls ages 7-13. I went to this camp when I was younger, and I've been volunteering at it every since! There's a different theme every year (I've done everything from a Pioneer to a Mermaid to a Baby Doll and Sock Hop Girl), and this year our doll campers went to a State Fair! It's a tiring week full of creating the doll (stuffing the body, attaching the ligaments, choosing eye color, etc etc), sewing her clothes, and making her accessories. This year the girls not only learned to sew overalls, but I also helped them knit a rug, crochet a scarf, and bake pies and cakes for their dolls to bring to the fair! I've had a blast with my little campers, and their dolls and accessories turned out amazing, and I'm so proud of them! Although I am EXHAUSTED and ready to spend time talking about something other than dolls, sparkles, and the Jonas Brothers... I'm so glad I've continued to keep Doll Camp in my life! Not to mention I love creating my own doll! This year my State Fair doll, Maple-Ann, even is flashing our DIAMONDS PROUD on her hat! :)

Miss and love you guys so much!!
Pi love and Kitty Kisses and Meowwww!=^..^=

Tommy Awards!

On Monday June 29, we attended the first annual "Tommy Awards," honoring five USC alumni for their work on the East Coast. The event was sponsored by the USC Alumni Club of New York, and we even met some former USCers turned celebrities including Bryce Ryness (the star of Hair) and Steve Smith (the Giants' wide receiver! see picture).

We wish you all had been there to see James Snyder sing "So Much Better" from Legally Blonde!
Don't forget to check out Callie's story on the event!

Pi Love!
Callie and Jamie