Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Doll Camp Kisses!!!

Hey Girls!

I just finished working at a girl's summer camp called Doll Camp! Some of you might have heard me talk about it before (possibly during recruitment...), but this is my THIRTEENTH year at this camp! Every year there are about four week-long camps for girls ages 7-13. I went to this camp when I was younger, and I've been volunteering at it every since! There's a different theme every year (I've done everything from a Pioneer to a Mermaid to a Baby Doll and Sock Hop Girl), and this year our doll campers went to a State Fair! It's a tiring week full of creating the doll (stuffing the body, attaching the ligaments, choosing eye color, etc etc), sewing her clothes, and making her accessories. This year the girls not only learned to sew overalls, but I also helped them knit a rug, crochet a scarf, and bake pies and cakes for their dolls to bring to the fair! I've had a blast with my little campers, and their dolls and accessories turned out amazing, and I'm so proud of them! Although I am EXHAUSTED and ready to spend time talking about something other than dolls, sparkles, and the Jonas Brothers... I'm so glad I've continued to keep Doll Camp in my life! Not to mention I love creating my own doll! This year my State Fair doll, Maple-Ann, even is flashing our DIAMONDS PROUD on her hat! :)

Miss and love you guys so much!!
Pi love and Kitty Kisses and Meowwww!=^..^=

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