Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Senior Week was a success! Every year we dedicate the last week of classes to our lovely seniors. The week started off Sunday night with a limo ride to P.F. Chang’s in Pasadena. The girls chowed down on yummy Chinese food while looking back at their memories together!
Monday night the seniors all got to say their goodbyes to the whole chapter and impart their words of wisdom. It is such a bittersweet time!
Tuesday night is a favorite tradition of ours. We all gather in the foyer as the seniors “will” down their old T-shirts, costumes and their favorite ADPi stories. I know I already have a few things in mind to will when I’m a senior (my Rafiki costume from our Disney exchange)!
Wednesday night, the last night, was probably the most exciting though. The night started off with a slideshow of the seniors that their parents helped me put together. We saw them from their baby years to their ADPi days. So cute! Then, the girls were surprised with costumes from their secret sisters who had been leaving them clues all week. The seniors dressed up in their costumes and ran to the Finger Fountain where they found their secret sis’s wearing the same costume as them! The seniors and their sis’s went on a wild fountain run all over campus. It was such a fun night that none of us will ever forget!
I cannot believe that the seniors have graduated. We will miss them all so much because each of them is such an important part of our chapter. Note to the seniors: please visit often! We expect to see you at Alumnae Tea!

Happy Summer!

Pi Love,
Membership Education VP

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