Thursday, August 13, 2009

NBC's "Heroes" Films at ADPi!

Hello Lovely Ladies!!!

Greetings from Pi Palace!! As some of you may know, "Heroes" came and shot part of an episode at ADPi!! I know, I know totally amazing, right!?! I'm not going to lie, it did not occur to me to share all this on the blog. But Jenna said I should "totes" write a here we are!! I promised the wonderful people of "Heroes" that I would not talk about the script or plot points....and since I don't really feel like being sued I've decided to comply!!

I don't even know where to start!! They only shot one day...but boy was it long!! The trucks started pulling in at 7 am I opened the house....and at midnight the trucks left! We got so many compliments on the house – and on your composites as well!! The DP and his team commented on how lovely you are and how you all have perfect teeth….so yay ADPi and good dental hygiene?!?

Originally they scouted four of the sororities at USC for the episode. After walking into Alpha Delta Pi, the scout was done. We were PERFECT! We have the best first floor and stairs of all the houses! Seriously, they didn’t even bring in that much in terms of decoration. Most of it was in the house and just rearranged! If we are fantastic enough for TV, you guys should be really pumped up about the house for recruitment!!

So what else can I tell you….there were sooo many people here and so much movement, it was like having you all back! It was just like convo days as I was running around the house checking all the AC’s to make sure they were within 3 degrees of the room temp! With that and my eagle eye for tape on the walls and scuffs on the floor, I’m sure they all thought I was crazy! At one point they asked to put a screw into the molding….I almost fell over. I don’t think I’ve ever said “No, no, no” so fast in my life! But you have to keep a close eye on film crews – one minute everything is great, and then next minute the DP decides that your room is going to be in the shot and so your door is removed. For real. One minute I had a door, the next minute it was gone! After some sweet talk and begging I got the grips to put it back on before they left for the night….

The particular scenes they shot at the house did not involve any of the men from the cast…or rest assured I would be bronzing furniture instead of having it cleaned! They shot in the composite room, music room, foyer, dining room, landing and stairs. There was supposed to be an exterior shot…but they ran out of time…’ll be crazy to see Pi Palace on TV in all its glory….especially since we have made drastic improvements since “Sorority Boys”!

I can’t wait for you guys to get back!!! We will definitely plan a viewing party for whenever our episode airs!!

Lots of Pi Love,

Maeghan aka The Best House Mom Ever and Bike Lady (that one was from the “Heroes” crew….)

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