Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Throwing up Diamonds in the Dominican Republic!

¿QuĂ© lo que, hermanas? (Wasup, sisters?) For the past month I have been in the Dominican Republic on a summer project for Campus Crusade for Christ. I've enjoyed learning lots of Dominican slang, experiencing a new culture and enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean! I just got back the other day and now I'm so ready to move into ADPi and see you all again!

Pi Love,

ADPi training with the NAVY!

Hello Lovely ADPi!!

I just got home from spending a month doing training with the Navy. It was AWESOME. I got to fly planes, go on ships, shoot guns, spend a few days on a submarine (!!! it was so cool!), and learn all about the "Big" Navy. The only thing missing from the month was time with my SISTERS! Can't wait to see you all in August!

All the guys made fun of me for throwin' up the diamond in this CH-60 helicopter (that hopefully I'll be flying someday!), but I just HAD to rep our beloved ADPi!

SOOOO much Pi Love,